“Art isn’t just a hobby. It’s not even a choice. It’s actually a matter of life or death.” – Jennifer Allison

Watch this wild, yet intimate and inspiring TED Talk, to see how art transforms Jennifer’s world of pain and chaos (due to a sensory disorder) into one of mesmerizing awe and wonder.

Read more about this talk at the TED Institute and UPS United Problem Solvers.


“7 Principles God Taught Me in Prison”
by Jennifer Leigh Allison


Prison behind razor wireEvery time I step out of my comfort zone and follow God’s calling, I get to witness Him do miraculous things. In the audio message above, I share 7 life principles that God taught me as I was speaking with inmates. I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about His power, merci, grace and forgiveness while talking to addicts, murderers and thieves, than I ever did sitting in a pew. He is truly awesome!

Laughter really is the best medicine and it doesn’t even have any bad side effects…unless, of course, you have an annoying snort when you chuckle that forces milk out of your nostrils while you’re trying to enjoy a good meal with friends.

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