How to Be Even More Awesome

SupermanReady to start a new year? Afraid of failure? Not sure what to do next? Even if you’ve got it all together it’s still a good time to shake things up a bit. Here are several things you can do to reach a whole new level of awesome, which will ultimately inspire others to do the same.

Dream BIG
If you think your dreams are too big or impossible, dream even bigger. Stretch yourself to go further and reach higher than you’ve ever done before.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  If you allow God to work through you, you can definitely accomplish the impossible. He created you with gifts and talents to fulfill a mission. Trust Him.

Be Insanely Passionate
Being passionate keeps you motivated, but your zeal and enthusiasm is also inspiring to others. They may think you’re a little crazy for a while, but they’ll eventually watch your dreams come true. At that point you can stick your tongue out to all the haters and proclaim, “Who is crazy now?” It may very well still be you, but that’s okay.

10 Resolutions I Won’t Be Making

Girl holding a sparklerIt’s that time of year when everyone is setting personal resolutions for losing weight, saving money, or trying to be less of an idiot in some way. For me, here’s ten resolutions that I WON’T be making:

1. Be Less Rambunctious
I have a curious mind. I love to explore, test, try, push boundaries and take risks. I learn best by trial and error. It’s how I discover things and engage with the world around me. Sure, it gets me in trouble sometimes, but I learn from my mistakes. Usually.

2. Grow Up and Act My Age
I will act as normally as I can, whenever necessary (i.e. at work, church or random formal engagements I’m coerced into). However, whenever possible I need to play and laugh without care. It’s how I become grounded and release stress from this chaotic world.

3. Hide My Inner Nerd
I love books, science, toys and movies to a nerdy degree. I also have mutant super-human powers (read my post about Sensory Processing Disorder to see what I mean). After everything I’ve been through in my life, I feel a responsibility to inspire others to overcome their personal nemesis as well…and I’m highly likely to make a lot of Star Wars or Princess Bride references when I engage in conversation. It just happens.