Beware The Glutton

Here’s a silly song I wrote to warn about what can happen if we allow our love for food to take over our lives.

Listen here.

Beware the Glutton

He’s fat and he’s lazy
He’s really kinda crazy
His mouth is bigger than his head
He can’t stop eat’n
And his body takes a beat’n
If he doesn’t stop he’s gonna be dead
His mouth is drooly
His face is kinda gruelly
He can’t keep his appetite cool
It’s food he’s always grabbin’
And his lips are always flappin’
Everybody thinks of him as a fool

And the children sing . . .
Don’t be a Glutton!
Moderate, don’t stuff your face
Don’t be a Glutton!
Slow it down and set the pace
Don’t be a Glutton!
There’s more to life than just the taste
Don’t be a Glutton!

He just can’t stop
He eats until he pops
And he leaves a mighty mess on the floor
Little kiddies get scared
When they stop and stare
He could eat the whole grocery store
So hear me warning you
This tale is tried and true
These mouthy monsters really exist
So just don’t become one
Or your peeps will call you two ton
I really hope you’re getting the gist

Lyrics: Jennifer Allison
Illustrations: Jeff Gregory
Singing & Music: Chris Arias

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