My Stories

  • Lessons Learned from the Least of These
    Recorded at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA – 11/1/15 In this audio message, I share 7 principles that God taught me about Himself while I was speaking with inmates in prison. I’ve learned more about […]
  • Art Therapy for Special Needs
    I have Sensory Processing Disorder and the struggle is very real. As a child I was in constant battle with the world around me…as well as my parents and teachers. I’d often retreat to the woods […]
  • Flying Colors
    I am very excited to announce that my new adult coloring book is now available. This video showcases all 30 detailed illustrations I did for the book. I would love for you to share the […]
  • The Making of a Jedi
    Today I decided to give ballpoint pens a try. First, I sketched out a rough pencil drawing of my favorite Star Wars character, Yoda. Slowly and gently layers of color were scribbled upon each other […]
  • And Now It’s Time to Draw
    I opened an online store where you can purchase prints of my artwork like this one. Check it out at
  • The Great Santa Debate
    Am I really the only one who was traumatized as a kid when I learned the cold, hard truth about Santa? Honestly, I was devastated. I couldn’t believe I had been so gullible and that my family, […]
  • Creating a Sanctuary of Solace
    Relaxing, and even sleeping, doesn’t come easy for me. Because of my Sensory Processing Disorder, the process of unwinding is usually a battle. It’s essential for me to have a quiet place to retreat after work, […]
  • 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Kid
    As I was growing up, I heard a lot of the same words over and over again in regards to my behavior. The redundant questions and statements from parents and teachers brought a lot of unnecessary confusion and […]
  • My Memoir is Here!
    Today is the day. I’m so excited! For over a year and a half I’ve been diligently working on putting this book together. Now it’s here. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for your […]
  • Made for a Purpose
    I have been through numerous trials in my life. First, I have a bizarre neurological condition called Sensory Processing Disorder that creates challenges for me every day. Secondly, I’ve survived sexual abuse and a decade […]
  • Exterminating Pesky Sins
    I had an unusual and exciting time last night. While opening a closet to get some paper towels, an ugly black rat suddenly jumped at me from out of nowhere. As if a flying rodent […]
  • Uprooting Bitter Weeds
    My parents gave me the chore of weeding our garden as a kid, which I wasn’t very fond of. It was a constant, grueling battle between me and the weeds. If I didn’t do my […]
  • Happy Easter Indeed!
    He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, so that […]
  • Wearing Your Earth Suit Well
    Growing up, I loved watching shows about adventures into outer space. In fact, I took my first baby steps in front of my parent’s black and white TV, while we watched Neil Armstrong take his […]
  • Constructing a Monster
    As a ten-year-old kid, I was an avid collector. My bedroom closet was full of things I had found, which included animal skulls, empty bottles, various insects pinned to a Styrofoam board, and every Star Wars trading […]
  • Tiny Creatures
    I grew up during the seventies, which means there weren’t video games, hundreds of television stations, or even cell phones to play with as a kid. I had to use my imagination for entertainment. My […]
  • My Close Encounter of the Bizarre Kind
    When I was about seven years old, I went outside one day to climb my favorite tree. I looked forward to hiding in the branches behind the camouflage of leaves, where I always found true […]
  • Overcoming Adversaries
    I have faced numerous adversaries in my life.  They include childhood bullies and even truly evil people who assaulted me in various ways, including sexual abuse, rape, stalking and harassment. As a result, I spent many […]
  • Surviving Sensory Overload
    The hardest part about having Sensory Processing Disorder is never knowing when sensory overload might occur.  There are certain environments I know will create anxiety and stress for me, and I avoid them as much […]
  • The Truth About Prince Charming
    Once upon a time, I truly believed I had found my prince charming, only to find out later that he was just wearing a disguise. As I was pondering how hard it is for me […]
  • How to Be Even More Awesome
    Ready to start a new year? Afraid of failure? Not sure what to do next? Even if you’ve got it all together it’s still a good time to shake things up a bit. Here are […]
  • 10 Resolutions I Won’t Be Making
    It’s that time of year when everyone is setting personal resolutions for losing weight, saving money, or trying to be less of an idiot in some way. For me, here’s ten resolutions that I WON’T be […]
  • A Gift to Bring That’s Fit to Give Our King
    One of my favorite Christmas songs has always been “Little Drummer Boy”. Partly because I love drums and percussion, but more so because of the boy’s amazing courage to bring all he had to the […]
  • Keeping Christmas Truly Magical
    I love the weeks preceding Christmas when the night skies are flickering with multi-colored lights and the house smells of logs burning in the fireplace. I even enjoy the crisp cold bite in the air […]
  • Crazy Things We Do For Love
    Most of us have probably done some pretty crazy things to draw the attention of someone we love.  My little brother used to spend every dime of his hard-earned lawn mowing money each week on […]
  • Charm School Reject
    Growing up I had hundreds of acres of woods to explore behind my house.  Blazing new trails while pretending I was a pioneer was one of my favorite things to do.  I often saw snakes, had ticks […]
  • Getting the Best of Blustering Bullies
    Growing up I was often made fun of for being a rambunctious kid that couldn’t sit still or obey very well. I even overheard my second grade teacher complaining to others about how difficult I […]
  • With Great Weakness Comes Great Responsibility
    Most of us have probably heard the infamous quote that Uncle Ben advised Peter Parker when he discovered the teenager had supernatural powers and became Spiderman. He urged, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That […]
  • 10 Life Lessons From the Undead
    Zombies are typically seen as a bunch of slobbering idiots that need a swift ax to the head, but I want to draw attention to some of their positive attributes. Sure, they may be terrible […]
  • From Welfare to Winning
    Twenty years ago I was the poorest I’ve ever been in my life.  I was also pregnant and unmarried. And to make matters even harder, my doctor ordered me on 24/7 bed rest because of a […]
  • Growing Up Behind Bars
    Most of us look back on our high school days with fond memories and generally regard that time of our life with nostalgia. However, I want to tell you about a ninth grade girl whose […]
  • One Reason Why I’m So Weird
    Most people think I’m a little weird, and that may very well be true, but I also have a bizarre neurological condition called Sensory Processing Disorder.  That means my brain doesn’t process incoming sensory data […]
  • A Flood of Cheerleaders
    I forgot to set my alarm clock last night, which usually means I’m in trouble because I am NOT a morning person and I typically don’t wake without intervention.  But, this morning I had a […]
  • Smile, God Loves Meth Addicts
    While growing up my mother always made me brush my teeth and visit the dentist regularly.  She even washed my mouth out with soap quite often, but that’s a whole different story.  I hate going to […]
  • A Song About Greed
    What happens if we allow greed to destroy our lives? Here’s a silly song I wrote since I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to budgeting.  I found a lot of freedom once […]
  • Beware The Glutton
    Here’s a silly song I wrote to warn about what can happen if we allow our love for food to take over our lives. Listen here. Beware the Glutton He’s fat and he’s lazy He’s […]
  • Miracle in the Mundane
    It was a 90-degree summer day in the South, which means the heat was accompanied with extreme humidity so walking outside feels like you’ve been bathed in honey.  And I had mow the lawn… again.  […]

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