How to Be Even More Awesome

Ready to start a new year? Afraid of failure? Not sure what to do next? Even if you’ve got it all together it’s still a good time to shake things up a bit. Here are several things you can do to reach a whole new level of awesome, which will ultimately inspire others to do the same.

Dream BIG
If you think your dreams are too big or impossible, dream even bigger. Stretch yourself to go further and reach higher than you’ve ever done before.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  If you allow God to work through you, you can definitely accomplish the impossible. He created you with gifts and talents to fulfill a mission. Trust Him.

Be Insanely Passionate
Being passionate keeps you motivated, but your zeal and enthusiasm is also inspiring to others. They may think you’re a little crazy for a while, but they’ll eventually watch your dreams come true. At that point you can stick your tongue out to all the haters and proclaim, “Who is crazy now?” It may very well still be you, but that’s okay.

Surround Yourself with Awesome People
It is very difficult, if not impossible, to thrive around negative people who mock your dreams. Be intentional to find others who lift you up…and do the same for them. The creator of the universe knows you by name and loves you like crazy. That in itself is pretty awesome. Believe what God says about you, not some fool.

Push Boundaries
The biggest mistake you can make is to fear making a mistake. Fear is your nemesis. It will paralyze you and deflate your dreams.  But failure is okay. In fact, it’s usually the best teacher. Expect to make mistakes and learn from them. You never know how close you are to having a breakthrough. I’ve made so many mistakes I have scars to prove it. But I’ve also come further than I ever imagined possible by being so stubborn to succeed. Just take a long, deep breath….and jump.

Play Hard
Play as hard or harder than you work. It helps re-energize your mind and release stress. And oftentimes it gives your brain a chance to fire away as it pleases without being under duress. Then you are likely to find a solution or a new idea you would have never thought of otherwise.

Embrace Curiosity
Curiosity is one of the critical keys to success. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Retrain your mind not to obsess or worry over things that truly do not matter, but explore the impossible. Curiosity fuels learning, which leads to new ideas, which takes us on grand new adventures.

Be Crazy Generous
Make a place in your budget and/or time to intentionally be generous to others. Then practice random acts of giving…i.e. taking a friend to lunch, raking the neighbors yard, or surprising a stranger by paying for their groceries. It’s a lot of fun and will brighten someone’s day with a huge dose of awesome.

It’s time for us to inject our lives with courage and pursue our dreams with a rabid intensity. Let’s be kind and generous to as many people as we can, so that they are motivated as well. In other words, just be awesome. It’s who you were meant to be. So who’s with me?


  1. Very cool! I really like all of the points you made but what stood out to me personally was “embracing curiousity” and “surrounding yourself with awesome.” I had already decided to let some of the remnant negative voices in my life go (old work related online portals of bad news and gossip). I am glad to include you, now, of a positive voice of awesomeness online 🙂

  2. My problem is that the closest family members pull me down. It is hard to be who you are meant to be with the constant negativity. But, remembering who I am in Christ, gives me the strength. God so loved me, He gave His begotten Son for me. I must be awesome!

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