Feet shackled in chains

Lessons Learned from the Least of These

Recorded at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA – 11/1/15

In this audio message, I share 7 principles that God taught me about Himself while I was speaking with inmates in prison. I’ve learned more about His power, mercy, grace and forgiveness while talking to addicts, murderers and thieves, than I have sitting in a pew.


  1. Jennifer, as I witnessed your passion today in weaving stories of your encounters with prisoners with the incredible truths God has been teaching you, I could see the faces of those bearing witness to these truths. God has placed you “out of your comfort zone” to serve His purposes, alone: that of proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel and thus bringing Glory to Him alone.

    Thank you for your act of obedience and example to those of us that might need a little extra challenge to propel us “out of our comfort zone”. You blessed many lives today with your vulnerability and willingness to be transparent.

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