A Flood of Cheerleaders

ImageI forgot to set my alarm clock last night, which usually means I’m in trouble because I am NOT a morning person and I typically don’t wake without intervention.  But, this morning I had a very bizarre dream that miraculously woke me up at the exact moment my alarm would have gone of…if it had been set.

In my dream I found myself standing around on a sunny day with a group of cheerleaders.  We were all dressed in matching green and gold uniforms that curiously matched my junior high school teams.  The weird part is I was never a cheerleader while I was growing up, but rather I was the extreme opposite.  I spent all my time playing in the dirt, climbing trees and riding motorcycles.  I was also shy and socially awkward and the least likely to be invited to a school dance.  But, green has always been my favorite color so at least I had that going for me in my strange subconscious delusion.  While I stood amongst the giggling girls I remember thinking how odd it was to be there.  And I must have had a confused look on my face because one of them turned to me and said, “You’re here for strength on the bottom of our pyramid.”  They seemed sincere and weren’t making fun of me, so that was nice, but also odd.

A voice instructed us to load into a white van because it was time to head to the game.  I climbed in with the others and found a seat next to the window.  As we drove through a town I had never been to, I stared through the grimy panes and enjoyed the unfamiliar landscape.  After several minutes of traveling down twisty, winding roads we came to a small bridge that was held up by stone walls, which had been slopped together with messy cement. There was just enough room for one vehicle to pass underneath at a time.  As we began to drive through the small rugged tunnel I noticed a huge wave of water up ahead, and it was coming down the road towards us.  The driver suddenly slammed on the brakes and the girls on the bus began to scream.  There was no way for us to turn around or maneuver out of the way of the oncoming flood.  As the power of the wave hit the van we became trapped as the force of the deluge pinned us up against the rock walls.

Water filled the van quickly and everyone on board began to panic while my mind raced with possible survival strategies.  But within seconds my face was barely above the water line as the flailing cheerleaders and I floated to the ceiling of the van.  I begged them to be quiet so I could devise a plan of escape but the water continued to rise and it was too hard to think clearly with their annoying voices ringing out around me.

Then all of a sudden I woke up.  I noticed the time on the clock.  I was thankful to be awake but it was such a vivid dream that my heart continued to race for several moments.  I mean…me as a cheerleader?  And that skirt I was wearing… it was so SHORT!!!  Truly terrifying.

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  1. For those who know Jennifer will know what HORROR she would feel to be caught in a short skirt, especially that of a cheerleader! Hilarious! Love your vivid descriptions of all your weird dreams. GO JEN!! rah..rah..rah!

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