10 Life Lessons From the Undead

Zombies are typically seen as a bunch of slobbering idiots that need a swift ax to the head, but I want to draw attention to some of their positive attributes. Sure, they may be terrible with personal hygiene–plus there’s that whole wanting to eat humans thing which is simply disgraceful–but I believe there are valuable life lessons we can learn from the seemingly unruly bunch. Just humor me here.

1. People are a Priority –
Zombies are not into material things or superficial beauty. They just want people for who they are. The simple fact that we are human should be enough to make seeking relationship with others our priority…not what we can gain with wealth, status or lifestyle.

2. Diversity is Valuable  –
Zombies pursue all kinds of people, even if they’re not the same. They’re never picky about gender, race, wealth or weight. We should seek diverse relationships as well. It will help us gain knowledge, perspective and experiences that we’d never have otherwise.

3. Patience is a Virtue –
Zombies are methodical and consistent. They don’t rush around with too many things going on at once, nor do they get into a frenzy over traffic or other everyday things like humans do. Likewise, we should plan our steps carefully and avoid making rash decisions. Then, when an opportunity presents itself, we’ll be ready to seize the moment.

4. Be Confident in Your Uniqueness –
Zombies are strong, independent and sure of who they are. They don’t strive to fit in by sacrificing who they are. If we always do the very best we can do, with whatever gifts and talents we have, then that will give us confidence. Best the best YOU that you can be.

5. Serving Others is Rewarding –
If a zombie’s friend needs help, they instinctively render assistance to accomplish the task at hand without hesitation. If we also served our friends and neighbors we might be rewarded in ways we wouldn’t expect…like being known as dependable and reliable.

6. Being a True Leader Isn’t About Status –
Zombies never have the perfect suit or hair, or even a position of authority, but other zombie’s still follow them because of their clear, focused vision. Remember, it’s better to be the kind of person that people choose to follow because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

7. Determination Leads to Victory –
Zombies are impervious to pain and abuse. They persevere without excuse and don’t let any of life’s difficulties or tragedies prevent them from pursuing their dreams…even if they’ve been dismembered. Everything that has happened in your life can be used to prepare you for your next big assignment. Always focus on what can be learned and press forward.

8. Being Content Allows You to Bless Others
Zombies are not jealous of others. They never whine or complain about how life isn’t fair if they don’t have the same toys their friends do. They make the most of everything they have. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to have an entitled attitude, but rather be grateful for what we have and focus more on helping others in need.

9. Staying Focused Helps You Reach Goals –
Zombie’s aren’t worried about people-pleasing, drama and political games to get ahead. They know what they want and they work hard for it. Likewise, we should set goals then take whatever small steps are necessary to achieve them.

10. Being Passionate Motivates Others –
Zombie’s rarely keep to themselves. In fact, they are actively building an army of converts. We should also be passionate about the truths we believe and share it with others. The more we rally others together for a good cause, the more impact we can have.

While zombies do have numerous flaws, they also have several great qualities that I wish more living humans possessed. I’m not saying we should ignore or tolerate sinful or disruptive behaviors. But rather than only focusing on the weaknesses of others, I believe we should strive to look closer to see if there is anything we can learn from them.


  1. While I personally don’t like Zombies and ghoulish things…….you certainly made some interesting observations that we could learn from them (tongue-in-cheek).

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