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Crazy Things We Do For Love

Most of us have probably done some pretty crazy things to draw the attention of someone we love.  My little brother used to spend every dime of his hard-earned lawn mowing money each week on the girl next door. He lavished her with ridiculous amounts of candy and stuffed animals, just in hopes that she would talk to him.  I truly believe that falling in love makes us temporarily insane, because I’ve done some pretty crazy things myself.

One time, when I was about fourteen years old, I was invited to a lake party where a boy I really liked was going to be. I asked my best friend to come too, so she could provide moral support since I was nervous about seeing my crush.  But before we left, I decided to take her for a quick thrill ride on my motorcycle first.

As usual, I showed off by kicking up dust and rocks as I gunned the engine and went as fast as I could up a hill. It was a lot of fun. But when we descended the steep path to head back home for the party, I suddenly lost control of the bike as we rounded a sharp turn.  It had rained the night before so the mud and gravel were more slippery than usual and we suddenly found ourselves body surfing on the rocky ground alongside the motorcycle. Our bumpy slide finally ended when we fell into a ditch surrounded by boulders and trees on the other side. But then the heavy motorcycle fell right on top of me and I became pinned inside the trench. 

I tried my best to get up but I was unable to push 220 pounds of hot metal off of me. As I yelled for help my friend suddenly and miraculously lifted the bike off of me…as if she were Wonder Woman.  I scrambled to my feet as I raved about her amazing strength, but she gave credit to a powerful adrenalin rush that took over when she saw how I was trapped.

When I looked down to dust off my legs, since I was wearing shorts at the time, I noticed my wound—a massive burn that covered the inside of my right thigh, which was caused by the exhaust pipe eating its way through my leg.  I began to panic.  My mother is going to freak out!!  I immediately thought of ways to hide the injury, because I refused to miss the party.

Pain grew more intense as each moment passed, but so did my determination to see the boy I was so smitten with.  When I arrived at the lake my friends doubted my sanity for not immediately going to a doctor, but I thought my trauma would somehow prove to the boy how much I liked him.

By the next day I could no longer mask the delirious torture I was in.  When I finally made it to a doctor he informed me that I had severe third degree burns, which were on the verge of gangrene.  Because of my reluctance to get immediate help, and then soaking in bacteria-filled lake waters, I had made my injury much worse.  As a result I had to undergo excruciating treatment for several months.  However, at the time, I believed my suffering was worth it for the little bit of time I got to spend with the boy I liked.

As I reminisce that story today I am reminded about the pain and suffering that Jesus took upon Himself in order to prove His love to us.  He lived a perfect and sinless life, and yet died a brutal, horrible death on a cross after being severely beaten. Why? Because God desperately wants a relationship with us!  See, Christ’s punishment was to cover all our sins—no matter how big or small—so that we can be seen as righteous, which allows us enter into relationship with a holy God.  If we simply recognize our need for Him and accept His gracious invitation, we are promised an eternity in heaven.  That’s some serious love right there, folks!

I’m not suggesting my foolish act was in any way righteous like His. And please do NOT try what I did. But take time and ponder what an amazing sacrifice He made for you.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?


  1. Oh, Jennifer! Just reading about this injury makes me cringe because it was such a horrendous wound. Yes, you’re fortunate not to have lost your leg.

    He was crushed for our iniquities; the chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His scourging we are healed – Isaiah 53:4-6

  2. I, on the other hand, tried to be more daring than any boy. I could out run them, could go faster on a bike, jump off a bike while it was going and not get hurt, stand on top of monkey bars without holding on, no one could do that but I. I had to show them I was stronger and better than them. I still had crushes on the boys, but did not want to look as if I was weak. Ok, I’m weird. Louise

  3. oh my word! That is definitely boy crazy. What is the craziest thing I ever did? Are you sure you want to know? Plus, I think I would have to think it over a bit. I did a lot of crazy in my day :).

    1. I didn’t say that was the craziest thing I ever did. It’s just one of the only things I wanted to publish. haha

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