Drum Christmas tree ornament

A Gift to Bring That’s Fit to Give Our King

One of my favorite Christmas songs has always been “Little Drummer Boy”. Partly because I love drums and percussion, but more so because of the boy’s amazing courage to bring all he had to the newborn King. As I listened to the song again this year, I was so moved by the story that I want to share what it means to me.

Here are five important things I believe we can learn from the little drummer boy:

1. He believed in who Christ was  – 
At the time, the rumor around town–partly due to an angel terrifying shepherds in the pasture–was that the kid in the manger was the King of all kings and Savior of the world. So without hesitation, he (and many others) made the long trek to meet Jesus, simply to be in His presence and acknowledge who He was.

2. He worshipped the King –
The little drummer boy was poor. But rather than stress about all the things he didn’t have, he took the one thing he did have and offered it to Christ with a song of praise. Honestly, I believe the best thing any of us can do for Christ is worship Him.

3. He used his time, talent and resources to bring honor –
He played his best performance to honor the newborn King. He may not have been the most talented musician in Bethlehem, and he certainly didn’t have the most expensive tom. He may not have even played a religious song, but rather just performed a simple rhythm he made up on the way there. But he played his very best, which was honoring to God.

4. He wasn’t worried about what others thought –
The little drummer boy wasn’t worried about impressing others with a fancy gift or by even wrapping something with expensive, shiny paper that cost more than he could afford. He simply gave all he had…himself.

5. Drums make awesome gifts – 
Hint Hint. Enough said.

This is not to say that the gifts from the other kings and wise men were not accepted or honoring to Christ. I’m sure they were. They all made a long journey just to spend time with Jesus, and to give Him praise. How much money they spent on gifts wasn’t the important thing…it was the demonstration of their love and allegiance that mattered most.

Some of us may have nothing more to give than an ability to sing, paint or tell stories. But using whatever we do have to honor our Lord is by far the greatest gift we can bring…pa rum pa pum pum.


  1. I have always loved The Little Drummer Boy since I was a child! Always brings me to tears as Aaron, didn’t have a gift other than himself. That resonates with me deeply as that is the only gift I had for many years.

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