Peacock Illustration with Markers

My Close Encounter of the Bizarre Kind

When I was about seven years old, I went outside one day to climb my favorite tree. I looked forward to hiding in the branches behind the camouflage of leaves, where I always found true peace. However, when I got there I noticed something, or someone, very peculiar standing beside the tree. And whoever it was, they were watching me. It made me very apprehensive because I had never seen anything, or anyone, like it before.

The bizarre non-human being was as tall as I was, with a bright blue body and skinny legs.  It had large creepy eyes that looked like they were outlined with bright yellow war paint.  It wore a thick colorful robe that trailed on the ground for several feet behind it, much like a king would wear. However, instead of being lined with diamonds and jewels, it was embedded with dozens of round eyes that carefully watched my every move. It scared me terribly, but it also sparked an intense curiosity that prevented me from running away, and somehow compelled me to walk closer…slowly.

I nervously inched my way towards the creature while I carefully studied every detail of its unusual appearance. When I got within a few feet away, I began to talk to it in a low, gentle whisper. I said, “Who are you? Are you from another planet? Why are you here? Do you need my help?”

Then, in an instant, the beast lifted itself off the ground and took flight with the loudest noise I had ever heard in my life. It sounded like an antique car horn as it blared, “HONK!!” I ran to my house as fast as my legs could carry me and screamed, “Mom! Dad! Heeeeeelp!!!!!!”

I was terrified over the encounter with the unidentified flying object. I couldn’t find words or catch my breath quick enough to explain to my parents what had happened. As I struggled to keep myself from hyperventilating, I noticed my mother’s Encyclopedia collection on the bookshelf and thought it might be able to give me some clues.

After several minutes of frantically turning through the pages of each volume that I grabbed, I eventually found a photo that looked similar to the monster I had seen.  It had Peacock written underneath it. My father laughed at me while I recalled my curious rendezvous to him.  He explained that there was a farm nearby that owned peacocks and apparently one of them had escaped and found its way into our yard. I couldn’t believe I had been so traumatized over a crazy bird.

I sincerely thanked God for my life that day because I had genuinely feared that I was going to be abducted by aliens and taken to outer space. Once I finally calmed down, I admired God for His creativity…and His sense of humor.


My drawings that are posted on and my social networks are ©Copyright Jennifer Allison. They shall not be used for any reason without prior written permission.


  1. Jennifer, I SO enjoy your stories and drawings! God has done well with you. I grew up with your mom and Myrna. Your grandparents always had pictures of the two girls hung all over the house. Every time I open your page and see the picture of you at two, I go back in time and see a picture of your mom that I remember looking just like that! Barbara Maples Bieker

  2. Hi Jennifer, it’s me Nancy ( from twitter. I did get a chance to read this article and I must say that I was awfully nervous for you at first upon reading your description on what you were witnessing. And then when I finally reached the end of the story I was soooo relieved for you that I went, WHEEEWW!! Girl, you sure did did give me a good scare but I’m thankful to God it didn’t actually turn out to be what I thought it was.
    … a chance to view two of your drawings….you are so talented. -Nancy

    1. hahaha. Thanks Nancy! That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for when I wrote it (which was just like I experienced it the day it happened to me.) Glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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